South Africa sees record murder rate, with 38% surge since 2010

The latest crime report by Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) reveals that crime is an “existential” threat to South Africa, as shown by the rise in murder, extortion, and kidnapping.

Organised crime is driving up murder and kidnapping rates in South Africa – Business Tech 

According to the GI-TOC report, the murder rate has increased by 38% since 2010, the number of kidnappings has quadrupled, and infrastructure crime such as the theft of copper-power lines has an annual effect of R187 billion ($10.6 billion). 

Murder, Kidnapping Pose ‘Existential’ Threat to South Africa – Bloomberg

Antony Sguazzin says that the history of apartheid in South Africa is to blame for the rise in crime in “formerly non-White regions ignored by the state.” During former President Jacob Zuma’s nine-year administration, governmental institutions became weaker, which worsens the problem. It is alleged that R500 billion was stolen under Zuma’s government which could have been used to build disadvantaged communities. 

South Africa’s organised crime climbs to Italy’s levels, racing past Mexico, Somalia and Libya – Daily Maverick 

Ferial Haffajee argues that the report is a call to action. If South Africa’s future is not to become more unstable, there is an immediate need for a more planned approach against organised crime. Policymakers from a range of sectors must quickly grasp the reality of organised crime as a danger and respond accordingly. 

If left unchecked, organised crime and its accompanying illegal marketplaces would continue to do severe damage.

Image credit: Pixabay

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