“Pit bulls should be banned in South Africa”, says social media users.

After another fatal attack, South Africans on social media are urging the government to legally prohibit Pitbulls in the country.

Family distraught after boy’s fatal mauling by pit bulls – TimesLIVE (for subscribers)

TimesLIVE reports that two family pit bulls mauled 10-year-old Gqeberha kid Storn Nuku when he and his cousins were playing in the yard.

While playing with a bottle filled with marbles, one of the dogs bit Nuku’s nose, causing bleeding, and then the attack started. The child was mauled to death on Monday, traumatising the family and creating a horrifying scene.

‘DON’T get them as pets’: SA Pitbull Federation amid calls for ban – The South African

A spokesperson of the Pit Bull Federation of South Africa, Lins Rautenbach, issued a dire warning to the general public: “Do not buy Pitbulls!”, as reported by The South African”. 

“We do have a problem in South Africa, and unfortunately the very people who claimed to be tasked with preventing this are actually exacerbating the problem,” said Rautenbach. 

Rautenbach noted that various significant participants, such as backyard breeders, irresponsible owners, rehabilitation centres, and even those who organise dog fights, contributed to the aggressive temperament of dogs.

You can’t rehabilitate a dog’s aggression – Pit Bull Federation of SA – Cape Talk

According to Lins Rautenbach, in South Africa, there are a high number of pit bulls that have been badly bred by irresponsible breeders and are violent by nature, which has led to an increase in attacks.

She said that a dog’s temperament is mostly inherited rather than learned, thus if a puppy is born to two violent parents, it will likely have an aggressive disposition as well, Cape Talk reports. 

Most Twitter users agree that pit bulls should be prohibited in South Africa.

While the majority of Twitter users feel that pit bulls should be outlawed in South Africa, Fiki Orzim, a well-known TikTok user, explains how pit bulls should be cared for.

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