Scandal! welcomes two dynamic characters to shake things up

BY Nkosazana Ngwadla

Get ready for a double dose of fresh drama as etv’s Scandal! introduces two intriguing characters who will certainly spice up the storyline. John, played by Xolani Ncobeni, and Thandi Mnguni, portrayed by Khombi Sangweni, are joining the cast, promising to bring a new level of excitement to the show.

John – The Unpredictable Farmer

John is a farmer, with a twist. Family means everything to him, and he’s a devoted brother to his sister Nomvula Kubeka. John is a hardworking man, running his farm with passion. While he may seem friendly and approachable at first, there’s more to him than meets the eye. John believes in the power of hard work and despises laziness. When his farm faces threats from environmentalists, he takes unconventional steps to protect his livelihood. His actions lead to a series of unexpected events that will keep viewers guessing.

Thandi Mnguni – A Complex Turn of Loyalty

Thandi Mnguni is a character who can be nurturing, but firm when needed. She has a soft spot for her younger brother and initially supports his questionable actions. As the situation escalates and her nephew’s safety becomes a concern, Thandi must question her loyalties. She undergoes a change of heart to ensure her nephew’s well-being.

With John and Thandi in the mix,’s Scandal! is about to get even more thrilling. Don’t miss the new episodes for a captivating journey through the world of drama and suspense.

Catch Scandal! on weeknights at 7.30 PM

Images: Supplied

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