Multi-discipline artist Nkosi Zondo releases album, Bophelo Batho Pele

BY Nkosazana Ngwadla

Unleashing the power of melodies, Nkosi Zondo is a musical virtuoso on a mission. From humble beginnings to sharing the stage with South Africa’s finest, he has honed his craft as a guitarist, songwriter, arranger, band leader, music producer, and director.

With an unrivalled passion for creating unforgettable experiences through sound, Nkosi is now embarking on his solo journey to captivate hearts and minds worldwide. Prepare to be spellbound by the magic of his music.

Bophelo Batho Pele translated from Sesotho is Life People First
Life is a force found in each and every one of us, so great and yet so delicately connected to the air we breath and warm blood that runs in our veins. How important it is to remember to take care of what matters the most.

This album is a humble attempt at encouraging the great spirit of Ubuntu. And that we all have a responsibility to who and what we become as a human race.

“The way of the truth is that of a life lived in unison with the music directed by us to the beautifully moving giants”, reflects Zondo.

Listen to Bophelo Batho Pele here

Image: Supplied

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