Nhlonipho releases EP, ‘Selemo’

BY Nkosazana Ngwadla

Vth Season recording artist Nhlonipho, the multitalented emerging music sensation hailing from eSwatini, has released his highly anticipated EP titled Selemo.

Translated as “New year” or “New season,” Selemo is a title that is most fitting, as this EP embodies a fresh wave of musical innovation and artistic excellence, introducing a new side of Nhlonipho to the world. 

In this captivating seven-track masterpiece, Nhlonipho showcases his capability as a versatile artist, seamlessly pushing the boundaries of sound. ‘Selemo’ is not just an EP; it’s a sonic journey that takes listeners on an exploration of emotions, experiences, and the promise of a new beginning.

Nhlonipho’s ability to curate a musical experience that is like no other is evident in every track. “Selemo” is truly a testament to Nhlonipho’s commitment to delivering musical excellence.

Each featured artist brings a unique feel to the EP, contributing to, and enhancing Selemo’s musical diversity.

1. ‘Lilanga’ (& Ami Faku): Lilanga explores the intricate dynamics of a profound connection with someone you deeply care for, where the beauty of the relationship is overshadowed by the complications arising from a lack of communication.

2. ‘Jola’ (& Aubrey Qwana): Jola is a love song that makes for an ideal choice for the summer wedding season. It captures the essence of pursuing love with confidence, envisioning a future together with a beloved partner.

3. ‘Seng’Hambile’ (& Phila Dlozi): Seng’Hambile is a soulful melody that delves into the intricate dynamics of a couple’s journey, narrated from two distinct vantage points. Amidst the backdrop of separation, a desire to mend their fractured love still lingers.

4. Ngiyatisola: The first track released off the EP, Ngiyatisola delves into the theme of regret, specifically the missed chance of approaching someone who held significant meaning in their life.

5. Popile (& Azana): Popile is Nguni slang for winning. It centres around an individual looking at their significant other and feeling as though they have won the lottery. 

6. Wena Wedwa (& Simmy, ft. Citizen Deep): Wena Wedwa encapsulates the revelation that one goes through when realising that their current relatonship is by far the best they’ve ever had. 

7. Yah Sure (& Chukido, ft. Mdoovar): Yah Sure captures the essence of being mesmerized by a lover who holds a captivating influence, the kind of person who has the power to make you lose your composure and ignite a deep passion.

“The anticipation is over, and I am thrilled to announce that ‘Selemo’ is now accessible on all digital media platforms. Opening up about my personal love stories and experiences has been a long-desired journey, and I am elated to finally share this intimate aspect of myself.”, Nhlonipho said. 

The full Selemo EP is now available on all digital service platforms. 

Image: Supplied

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