Redemption comes to 

BY Nkosazana Ngwadla

Redemption is a South African telenovela that portrays a family in conflict with itself, as there are many hidden secrets and lies that threaten to challenge their beliefs and tear them apart.

The story takes place in a mega church and centres around the Zikode family, who are closely knit and highly respected.

When the renowned pastor Simon Zikode (played by Themba Ndaba) goes missing under mysterious circumstances, his daughter Faith (Kwanele Mthethwa) – who is about to embark on an international music career – puts everything on hold to come to her family’s aid.

As Faith delves deeper into the church and the family’s affairs, she uncovers shocking truths about those closest to her and is forced to confront her own demons.

As the Zikode family grapples with the fallout from these revelations, they are faced with difficult decisions as they try to salvage their legacy. Will Faith’s discovery of her family’s dark past and present cause her to turn her back on them forever, or will she stay and fight to save their reputation?

The show’s tagline is “God for us all, Guluva for himself,” and it features a talented cast that includes Kwanele Mthethwa, Themba Ndaba, Tina Jaxa, Sparky Xulu, Sthandiwe Kgoroge, Yonda Thomas, Pearl Modiadie, Zenzo Ngqobe, Seputla Sebogodi, Pakamisa Zwedala, Mmarona Motshegoa, Peter Mashigo, Helen Lebepe, Leera Mthethwa, Marjorie Langa, N’kone Mamejta, Toka Mtabane, and Sonni Chidiebere.

Image: Supplied

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