Tresor launches R100 million Jacquel Ventures investment firm

BY Nkosazana Ngwadla

From refugee to car guard, to multi-millionaire; African Pop Maverick TRESOR’s next chapter is built on grit, humility, and wild dreams. Officially announcing the launch of his R100 million Jacquel Ventures investment firm, TRESOR takes a stand and puts his money where his mouth is as he seeks to build and invest in luxury goods, real estate, consumer brands, entertainment, and technology-enabled companies that will shift the narrative of African brands globally.

“Jacquel Ventures has been a long-life dream. I have dedicated most of my life to music and it has changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. It has been my primary creative outlet, but I also must confess my deep love for fashion, film, architecture, interior design, and entrepreneurship that I am excited to explore. Be ready for all that I am, unapologetically, and in the loudest form,” expresses TRESOR.

Culture, innovation and purpose are key elements in everything that TRESOR does and he brings these key pillars to his latest business endeavour with the trailblazing Jacquel Ventures investment firm. With the aim to be at the forefront of shaping the future of businesses that impact lives and shift culture in Africa and beyond, Jacquel Ventures envisions a world where innovation, purpose, and excellence converge to create a better tomorrow.

TRESOR’s cash injection of R100 million will be a game changer for South Africa and young African entrepreneurs. As a fully self-funded venture firm, TRESOR intends to invest in things he wholeheartedly believes in.

With generational wealth and creating a legacy on his mind, not just for himself but for the African child that dares to do more and be bold enough to live their dreams out loud, TRESOR is proving to be a multi-dimensional creative that will leave an impact on the world far beyond music and joins the wave of new age African entrepreneurs that will impact lives across the continent and help shift the African narrative globally.

Image: Supplied

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