Thapelo Sebogodi takes the stage as Kopano, a complex villain

BY Nkosazana Ngwadla

Thrilling news for fans of “House of Zwide” Thapelo Sebogodi is making his debut in the series, stepping into the role of Kopano, a character with complex layers poised to add fresh intrigue to the show. Audiences can catch his opening appearance on screen Friday, 24 November.

Kopano isn’t your ordinary antagonist, his backstory is a mix of highs and lows, from a challenging upbringing to dealing with bullies at a prestigious school, where an unwarranted expulsion became part of his journey. Now, his focus is on payback, especially directed at Nkosi, portrayed by Wanda Zuma.

In the new storyline, Kopano joins forces with a determined lawyer, Nandipha, played by Keabetswe Motsilanyane. Together, they’re on a mission to settle the score with the Zwide family. Kopano’s financial moves add a new layer of complexity, potentially causing significant trouble, particularly for Nkosi.

The burning question is: Will Kopano and Nandipha succeed in their quest for revenge, or will the Zwides come out on top? To uncover the twists and turns, make sure to catch the drama unfolding every weeknight at 7 pm on

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