Meet young innovator, Bohlale Mphahlele

BY Nkosazana Ngwadla

At just 16 years old, Bohlale Mphahlele invented an Alerting Earpiece for women who find themselves in danger.

The “Alerting Earpiece” can track the victims of human trafficking, gender based violence and also capture photos of the perpetrators and send the photos to connected devices.

This award-winning young scientist and inventor is from Limpopo, South Africa, she is a former learner at S.J Van der Merwe Technical High School.

“Discovering that South Africa has some of the highest crime rates, including violence against women, sparked the idea to create the device. The alerting earpiece is an invention that aims to eradicate the chances of gender-based violence, human trafficking and other challenges that we face on a day-to-day basis in regards to crime.”

“It helps alert officials when victims face danger. It finds the exact location and tracks the movement of the victim,” said Bohlale Mphahlele.

Image: Instagram

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